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My Story



My name is Kayla, it’s great to have you here :)


I am a passionate 24 year old, and a Mindset & Wellness Coach. I start with passion, because it is important to recognize we are so much more than what we do. I provide 1 on 1 Coaching (more to come soon...) to serve women in building confidence, and rediscovering their full potential to reach their goals in both wellness and life.


A bit more about me - I always loved being creative and active growing up, trying out different outlets before committing to soccer. I continued playing in college, and although I am so grateful for the experience, it never felt like my purpose. (little did I know then what I would later discover... keep reading). I started to explore different facets of wellness, and how it encompasses so much more than fitness.

I experimented with cooking, began journaling, and learning more about nutrition and mental health. This led to the creation of my instagram page, @havinghealthyhabits , my Recipe Ebooks of meals I loved, and furthering my studies with The Institute For Integrative Nutrition. As someone who struggled with a lot of anxiety growing up, I was fascinated with the effect food has on our physical AND mental wellbeing - there is a reason they call the gut the second brain.

The more I learned the more I began to notice my own disordered thoughts and tendencies, mostly from years of consuming harmful messages from media. I realized that consuming the proper information is just as important as the food we eat.


As I got deeper and deeper into my wellness journey, my awareness grew. All my deepest desires, fears, flaws, wants and needs came to the surface. Through doing the work, I realized that for so long I had attached my identity and worth to external factors. I had been depending on other people's validation, defined myself as an "athlete" and nothing more, and limited my own potential by placing myself in a boring box you may find familiar - society's expectations.


This knowing was difficult, but it sparked a new journey - understanding the power of thoughts. We may not be able to choose the ones that come into our head, but we can most definitely choose the one's we believe and latch onto - something I mention often on @havinghealthyhabits , as well as in my coaching practice.

Both my clients and I have found that this healing is not linear, but it is so worth it.


It means honoring and leaning into your emotions no matter what they are. It means accepting yourself with compassion, even when it's hard. It means living a life so authentic to yourself everyone else's opinions start to fade - because you are the only you and that is so powerful.

I’ve had a lot of mishaps along the way, learned a great deal of lessons I wish I knew at the beginning of my wellness journey, and am still healing and growing every single day. My goal is to empower you to break through those boxes you were placed in or potentially placed yourself in. To inspire you in the process of rediscovering yourself - who you've always been but just didn't know it yet.

It’s an ongoing process & we are constantly learning, relearning, and of course, unlearning... so let’s do it together!

Ready to Invest in Yourself?

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